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Friday, May 06, 2005

Front Page Spin

Some stories are too obvious to remain silent, or to hide so the next tool to use is "Spin". The story is in an obvious location and if left to "just the facts" the reader's opinion would not be desired. So the media takes the facts and reports them in a way that changes the way readers would view an event. Sometimes the writer will provide outright opinion in the news story using provocative questions, humor or hand-feeding possible ways to view it. Often the writer will interview and quote a source they know is likely to state as they desire it. Conversely, they will avoid interviewing sources they know will make undesired statements. If they want to appear that they are trying to be fair, though, they will interview and then leave out whole or partial damning quotes. In recent years as the monopoly of a one-sided viewpoint is being broken, the media is being much less careful to mask their spin and are getting quite bold about it.


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