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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Is the truth somewhere in the middle?

We have often heard in a dispute people using the expression "The truth is somewhere in the middle." Is this tue? Sometimes it is, but just because something is sometimes the case does not make it a foregone conclusion. It is human nature for most to wish to avoid conflict. This leads to satisfaction in compromising too early in the game. It causes people to swallow ridiculous concepts like there are no absolutes. "Im OK, you're OK." The fact is the truth is more often on one end and fallacy on the other end. A true leader will seek the truth first and resort to compomise under rare conditions. The media would like to feed us a lie that politicians who take a stand and remain resolute are doing the wrong thing. The fact is most will respect a man for having a backbone and keeping his word even if they disagree with him. A man who compromises just to avoid conflict is worthy only of disdain.


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    Thank you! I hope you dont mind if I blog this. I'll link it to you.


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