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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Choices in viewing politics and crime

I have posted before that crime on the part of a politician does not detract from the political philosophy of his party unless of course the crime is related to a plank in the party's platform. A political party might have stood for term limits. When a party member is indicted and/or convicted of a crime, it does not mean that term limits is now a bad philosophy. It is nauseating when either side thinks the path to victory is through criminal prosecution.

With criminals and corruption common on both sides of the aisle, what is your choice in viewing crime in politics? Choose all that apply to how you think:

  • I am interested in seeing all corrupt politicians pay for their crimes
  • I am only interested in seeing corrupt politicians opposite my side pay for their crimes
  • I am not interested in seeing any corrupt politicians opposite my side pay for their crimes
  • When someone on the other side is indicted, I make a big deal out of it to try to spin public opinion into thinking only their side is corrupt
  • When someone on my side is indicted, I minimize their actions and look for ways to demonize the other side or the prosecutor
  • I am fully aware that politics can play a hand in any prosecution of a politician
  • I think that all prosecutors are above playing politics with their indictments
  • Politics is all about winning, who cares about real corruption
  • Every elected or administration official has committed crimes worthy of prosecution, they are just waiting to be found


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