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Monday, October 24, 2005

My latest Miers theory

Rarely is anything in Washington what it seems to be. Many conservatives have wrestled with this Miers nomination on several levels. Why her? Is Bush really who we think he is? Is she merely a crony or does Bush really know how she will vote? We see about 40% conservatives wanting her thrown overboard, with the rest split evenly between neutral to positive.

After reading through the latest round of news and blogs about Miers, I have a new theory. We have seen the last few nominees from both sides of the isle ducking and dodging on their positions trying to reveal enough to show their qualifications without showing too much of how one would vote. In my latest theory I anticipate Miers during nomination hearings to come out directly and forcefully. Whether planned up front or recently determined, that is one thing that would salvage the nomination with conservatives. As Bork pointed out in his "Slouching toward Miers" column, the harm of needing to hide your paper trail and true beliefs on constitutional law is extremely damaging.

It would get extremely interesting if this tactic would then force a filibuster. A forced filibuster and subsequent enactment of the nuclear option would electrify the right at a time they really need it. Wishful thinking? You bet, but it is almost Christmas!


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