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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UN continues to scheme for an Internet takeover

In the linked story, we see the countries of the world getting together and scheming again for the takeover of the internet. While the news media continues to demonize Bush, instead of addressing those who really deserve demonizing they pass up one of the most serious stories of our lifetime. Everyone who loves freedom should be enraged at the thought of the internet falling under UN control.

The UN itself has a history of impotence when dealing with world tyranny. Some could claim that like Jimmy Carter they have this morbid facination with tyrannical dictators. The UN security council consists of 2 permanent members that have historical track records against human rights and exercising censorship. China is still torturing and killing people for their beliefs, and have ruled the internet access in their country with an iron fist. When will the world wake up and realize that the UN is not a friend of the freedom loving world?

What rational person would think that before these members of the UN clean up their act and the UN itself stops stiff-arming countries who promote freedom and stops embracing countries that restrict freedoms? The internet should stay under the protective control of the US, because there is not another country out there with our track record of freedom who has the ability to guard it from a hostile takeover.


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