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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Liberals attempt to steal the 2008 election fails

While reading the lefty blogs I have seen them figuratively rubbing their hands together about the Ohio ballot initiatives regarding elections. In typical liberal fashion they put initiatives on the ballot they say are geared toward preventing election fraud. From Newsmax the inititiatives were to:
"The initiatives would have opened absentee balloting to all voters, lowered the cap on individual campaign contributions and put boards, instead of elected officials, in charge of drawing legislative and congressional districts and overseeing the state's elections, according to the Associated Press."
Typical of Dems to look at a perceived problem and suggest "reforms" that would benefit them while leaving out real reforms geared toward the prevention of fraud. The absentee ballot is the voter fraud's weapon of choice. There have been rumors of people going to nursing homes and homes of the elderly that have no capacity left to make decisions and filling out their absentee ballot for them. Of course, they wanted to limit free speech by lowering the cap on campaign contributions like they did with CFR. While the GOP was following the new limits, the Dems would be finding a way to get around their own law like they did in '04 with the types.

What is completely missing is the real reform measure that would do a lot to prevent fraud; requiring a photo ID. Dems cry foul at every election (they lose) and yet fight the photo ID requirement tooth and nail. As in my previous post about truth, Dems don't want fair elections. They want to win them. Any initiative they pass is not for the good of the people, but part of a strategy to rig it in their favor.

Not this time. Ohio was too smart for that by soundly rejecting these measures. So while Democrats won their status quo elections, they failed where it really counted for them.


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