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Friday, December 23, 2005

Newsbusters shows Today's ANWR deceit

As liberals everywhere celebrate the blocking of the passage of ANWR drilling so we can continue to be the most dependent on foreign oil as possible, Newsbusters shows how the Today show was extremely deceitful on the subject. The two pictures tell the story as the one with the beautiful mountains were shown on Today. This location is nowhere near where the drilling would actually take place. The real location near what is pictured in the other photo is the pristine wasteland that the environmentalists are protecting.

The ANWR refuge is so huge that the small plot we would be drilling on has been illustrated by comparing a postage stamp to a football field. With environmentally friendly techniques, our footprint in ANWR would be very small. Yet our national security and wallets are hit just to save a spec of what is pictured in the wasteland picture.

Today knew a picture is worth a thousand words and that showing the real location to their viewers would make them scratch their head and wonder why this is such a victory and why paying more at the pump is worth it. So they showed a deceitful picture of lovely mountains and landscape instead. As I have stated before: if you need to deceive to make your point, you are probably wrong.


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