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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We have the orchestra but who is the conductor

It is becoming obvious that the eavesdropping story has been well orchestrated by the left as a political hit against President Bush. First, the New York Times has known about this issue, but sat on it until now. While the elections in Iraq were lucky to make a day's news, we have now had several day's news cycles over this issue. We then find that there is a book about to be released having this same information, giving a little insight as to why the NYT waited on this information.

Today we see another NYT piece now claiming that some of the calls snagged by the NSA were actually domestic to domestic calls. Having sat on the original story so long, we can safely assume that they knew this little piece of information before as well, yet timed it to keep the story alive. I suppose it is possible that the leaking spy that gave them the story in the first place called to make this additional claim.

Of course the Democrats at the cue of the conductor stepped in talking about impeachment, parading around John Dean from the Nixon administration. Funny how they cherry pick credibility from that administration. The Democrats are completely blowing off the fact that they were fully aware of this yet never said a word and are completely ignoring the precedent set for this in the Clinton administration.

Now for a crescendo, on cue a Clinton appointed judge in the Secret Court is resigning "out of principle" over the eavesdropping issue. No comment on why he did not refuse to join the court on principle against Clinton's Echelon domestic spying project.

Next we have Newsweek's Jonathon Alter altering the story with a few mind-reading tricks. Bush called the editor and publisher of the NYT to the Oval Office to ask them not to print the story. Alter is somehow able to claim that Bush's motive was to avoid scandal and embarrassment rather than being concerned about natinal security. Did he see this in tea leaves? Did he get a Tarot card reading? Or does he have a psychic as a secret source? Just how did he pull off this amazing feat. He does not say, but writes the claim anyway.

So we have the orchestra playing on cue at each turn, while people ignore the most egregious scandal of the NYT and the Democratic Party synchronizing their steps. The real question is who is the conductor?

The funny part of this whole story is that we have a current culture that practically looks to the government to wipe its nose when they have a cold. They stand in the path of oncoming disaster waiting for government buses to rescue them. They don't want us having guns to protect ourselves; but be at the mercy of the delay between a 911 call and the police arriving. they want government to watch over and protect us from cradle to grave and people are bying it. Yet somehow they think that these same people are going to be upset watching over them by eavesdopping on people with terrorist ties? The sheep are going to think that this is the government's job and most of the engaged are going to realize this has legal precedent and that the liberals are just trying to enact plan ZZ to try yet again to take down Bush.

The beauty of this is that once again the timing of the Democrats stinks. This now explains why Bush has come out swinging a month earlier than I expected him to. The NYT panicked when Bush started making speeches and answering questions and his numbers started rising. Remember right after that when the Democrats had their secret closed door strategy meeting? I think at that time it was determined to pull the trigger on this whole deal early. Disappointed by the Fitzmas fizzle and the tanking of the Murtha initiative, they could not bear the thought of Bush's approval numbers hitting the dreaded 50% going into next year. So they ha ha ha. sorry. they bwaa haaa haaa. sorry having trouble containing myself here. They snicker, snicker. ok, I can do this. They chose the Christmas holidays to drop their bomb. When few are paying attention and fewer even care. So before this story can even get any traction due to lack of paying attention, the "powerful right wing machine" will have severely blunted the "scandal" with facts. Nice try Dems, but this dog won't hunt.


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