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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tale of two AP stories

Amazing how AP and other liberal media outlets cannot just let good news for Bush stand in a story without balancing it with bad news or pointing out how badly they perceive Bush needing some good news, etc. When it is a story about a Democrat, AP has no problem making the entire story a 'love fest' with nothing but blue skies to see.

Today there were two AP stories: one about Bush and the Iraqi elections and the other about Hillary Clinton's amazing 6 years as a senator.

The Bush AP story bluntly accuses Bush of capitalizing on the Iraqi vote by stating:
"The appearance of a buoyant Bush in the Oval Office alongside six smiling young Iraqis displaying purple-stained fingers was an attempt to capitalize on any positive news in Iraq."
The AP story then goes on to mention the Sen. Joe Biden is in Iraq for the vote and quoted some negative comments that he made. The AP author did not accuse Biden of capitalizing on the situation, and presented his comments as if they were gospel.

The other AP story about Hillary Clinton is just one gushing comment after another with no challenge or negative angle at all. Some quotes from the love fest:
"Today, she appears to be coasting to a 2006 Senate re-election victory that could set her up for a White House run two years later."
"She also has a ton of money in the bank -- about $14 million as of the end of September and still counting. On Tuesday, she and her famous husband hosted 900 people at $500 a plate in New York City."
"Pirro says she's still in the race, but many GOP leaders believe it's a question of when she drops out, not if."
"Keeping the money flowing has another benefit for Clinton. Any money she doesn't spend in 2006 could be used for a 2008 run for the White House. Most polls have her leading the Democratic field for the nomination. "
The point here is not to claim the statement about Hillary are false. The point is that any true good point in Hillaries favor gets additional good will statements piled on top of them. While with Bush, you can imagine that more time is spent dredging up negative statements to counter any good point they ever have to print about him. The AP is a menace that does not even blush at the blatant bias they spew out while wearing a hat with bold letters that say "Objective". If they were to put out a mission statement admitting the true nature of their publishing: to trash conservatives and worship liberals, I would have no problem with these stories. It is the ridiculous attempt at deceit that makes them worthy of criticism.


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