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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two disappointments in one day for libs

Libs have been rubbing their hands together waiting and waiting for Karl Rove to be given the perp walk in cuffs. Sorry libs, it is not going to happen. The prosecutor's prosecutor has announced that Karl Rove would not be charged in any crime surrounding the Plame leak. The ramifications here are far reaching. The liberal media and blogs have been salivating over Rove's indictment since before Fitzmas turned into Fizzlemas.

Likewise, the media has frothed at the mouth again and again over the leaking of a covert CIA agent's name. They have made Joe Wilson a media darling and hung a microphone in his face to catch every anti-Bush word that comes out of his mouth. In fact, one of the "strongest" columns of support under the "Bush Lied" mantra is the pseudo shroud of credibility the media laid across Joe Wilson's shoulders like a mantle of a prophet. With two high level administration personnel known to have discussed Plame with reporters, the only conclusion that can be made here is that Plame was NOT COVERT. This takes the remaining credibility that Joe Wilson
might have and dashes it to the stones. With Wilson's credibility gone, so is a major stake in the Bush lied tent. Yet, in a way the libs got what they wanted. Once whispers of accusations and the ensuing mountain of talk materializes it is nearly impossible to get all the pieces back in the bag. You can bet the media quickly get this announced and behind them with no thought of the damage they created along the way.

In another disappointment for libs, Alberto has inflicted very little damage remaining a Tropical Storm. Since last year's hurricanes , liberals have been in hyper-mode over both Katrina and the number of hurricanes. Using a single year's data, liberals have leaped into the politics of fear and claimed that global warming is causing the hurricanes. "Oh, if only there can be a high number of hurricanes this year we can scare people into voting for Democrats in November." Never mind the leading expert on hurricanes and the director of the NOAA deny any link between the hurricanes and global warming. That is an inconvenient truth you only hear about on conservative blogs and talk radio.

Even Bill Clinton was convinced Alberto was going to become a hurricane and quickly jumped on the bogus bandwagon. Well, libs. There is still some time in this hurricane season. The question is, what will the libs say if the number of hurricanes is low this year? My guess is that it will be spun into an expected effect of global warming. Kind of like when they stated that cooler temperatures in some years are a natural effect of global warming. They even keep a straight face when they say these things.


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