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Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day 2011

Happy Birthday to a country that until now has been great and exceptional. Our greatness has been chiseled away for decades as more and more people turn from an attitude of giving to our country to one of taking from our country. The Givers dwindle and the Takers are increasing. Takers emerge more and more from Giver families and are bred from Taker families. Takers look at taking as their birth right. They want to live their life as they choose - artistically, selfishly, carefree with no consequences. Then they look on those who have made right choices and have been responsible and as a result acquired wealth thinking they have a right to their fair share.
Truth is spurned in favor of Ideology. When a guy on the other 'team' is caught in wrongdoing they want full justice and blood revenge. When it is a guy on their 'team' is caught in the same thing, it is blind eyes, excuses and whistling past graveyards.

Now in these last few years under this administration the already rolling snowball has picked up amazing speed. America's greatness appears to be being systematically dismantled either by purposeful destruction or by willful blind faith in ideological beliefs history and current events have shown to fail.

My hope is that we return to the greatness we once had. That the public debate will become clear, decisive and convincing. It is the only way the truth can prevail.


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