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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yes We Can, Unless it is Too Hard

President Obama , Democratic Leadership and even punching thugs continue to put the problems of the nation solely at the feet of former President George W. Bush. In spite of the Obama Administration and a Democrat Senate being in control for 1.5 years and a Democrat House being in control for 3.5 years, the finger pointing continues.

When a candidate runs for president, they proclaim and sell themselves as fit for the task and qualified to deal with the challenges that might be faced during their term. Being a United States Senator, Candidate Obama was very privy to the details of the problems facing the nation, including those on the horizon. In fact he benefited from the first wave of the looming crisis, as the McCain polls took a nosedive. He had every opportunity to look the problems in the eye and back away if he was not fit or able to handle these problems. Instead, he looked the American people in the eye and said he could do it.

President Obama took the Keynesian approach to solving economic problems which basically involves spend, spend, spend. Both sides of the political aisle complained about the large deficit spending of the Bush Administration. Bush was a budgetary tightwad compared to this President. I keep waiting for some new trick for Obama to pull from his sleeve, but it appears he came to office with only massive spending as an economic solution and it is not working.

There are many problems big and small where the one causing it and the one solving it are different persons or organizations. Every election cycle, whether it be President, Senator, Representative, Governor or Mayor; people step up and claim that if you will elect them, the problem(s) will get solved. It is a given that it is the fault of somebody else. The question is "Can you solve it?" Candidate Barack Obama sold himself that he could.

Solutions are not making things better this month and inversely worst next month. Solutions are not building the biggest economic time bomb in history to obtain the most anemic of respites now. This Administration is dancing, bobbing and weaving, playing shell games, using smoke and mirrors, playing the blame game, dragging its feet and often just hiding from the public. This Administration has placed its agenda and the passage of its agenda above the needs of this country for a strong economy and jobs. Neither the economy, the lack of jobs, nor the oil spill will deter Obama from his obsession with wealth redistribution and changing the entire landscape of this country by instituting systems shown to fail in every country it has been tried. The priority of ramming an ideology down our throats has obviously been a higher priority than our welfare.

This President declared he was capable and competent to do the job. His continued presence in office is either a daily reaffirmation of his claims or if he knows he cannot address the problems a declaration that he places himself above the needs of the American people. In either case, he needs to be held accountable. Instead our media continues to enable his lack of competence by covering for him.

We cannot allow this President to live by the slogan "Yes we can...unless it is too hard".



  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    This Administration is dancing, bobbing and weaving, playing shell games, using smoke and mirrors, playing the blame game, dragging its feet and often just hiding from the public.

    You missed a few: Golfing, vacationing, having personal rock concerts, whining, date nights, whining, golfing, whining...

  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Joe Smoe: American Citizen said…

    //Bush was a budgetary tightwad compared to this President.//

    As you usual you seemed to forget that most of the debt incurred happened under Bush/Cheney. As did the starting the TOTAL MISMANAGEMENT of two wars that we are now and will continue to fight in the future. By the time Bush was inaugurated in 2001, the National Debt stood at $5.7-trillion. He ran up more debt faster than nearly all of his predecessors combined: just under $4.9-trillion. All by cutting taxes to rich as we fought in Afghanistan and his lie based Debacle in Iraq

    Skye- Your Pal Bush was on a Five-week vacation when Katrina hit and took more vacations than any Prez in history. How many vacations has the black guy been on?

    I love you guys as you and the rest of the OLD, White Teabaggers failed to realize that with life there is a cause and effect to all things and as I said in many posts in the past, we will be dealing with the actions of Bushco for decades to come and we’re seeing that now. You guys had no problem with his debt and his shredding of the Constitution as you seem to have with the black Guy.

    Yeah, I bet that old guy that had melanoma 4 times and his clueless trailer park Caribou Barbie would have done better.

    In the GOP world always blame the guy that shows up after another driver drives the train off the rails.

  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    Obama does give the appearance that he has a lot of time on his hands. Even enough time to write a book. He also didn't waste an opportunity to taste multiple samples of the local fare while visiting the Gulf.

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    I have been consistently critical of the spending under Bush. He was wrong to initiate his spending (especially the implementation of the Prescription Drug program) and he was wrong to allow the Dems in his last 2 years to jack up spending and let it go by without a veto. The numbers you give are abominable and I won't defend him on that.

    However, if you are going to be intellectually honest, you also need to be critical of the massive spending under Obama. In about 500 days he has tripled the deficit and taken the national debt from just under $10 trillion to $13 trillion.

    If he succeeds with CAP and Trade taxation, taxing the rich (and the middle class while he is at it since it won't be enough) he will drive employment into the ground, hemorrhaging revenue and drive that number into the stratosphere.

    I don't have to worry about whether McCain and Palin would have done better. As Obama makes clear - he won. So it is time to evaluate his job. You seem very, very reluctant to do that since you could not possibly fathom anybody being worse than Bush and yet your own eyes tell you the awful truth.

  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    //However, if you are going to be intellectually honest, you also need to be critical of the massive spending under Obama.//

    De plane.

    Welcome to Fantasy Island!!

    There are two sets of standards for guys like Joe. One is when they are in power screwing things up and the other is when they are not in power, watching things get screwed up.

    And never the twain shall meet.

    But, we can all dream a dream and reach for the stars. I prefer to dream a dream for a buck. I do it every time I purchase a lottery ticket.

  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    Inconsistency is my biggest frustration in life. I am not sure of Joe's motive to overlook the fiasco that is Obama only to continue harping on Bush. Until now I have not detected a great love and loyalty for the Dems, just hatred of Bush. I may have misjudged, though.

    If somebody is consistent and intellectually honest, if they hated and despised Bush, they must be pulling out their hair, screaming into the air and convulsing and foaming at the mouth because of Obama. Obama is the the worst of Bush on steroids.

  • At 12:26 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…


    (Sorry I'm late getting back to the party). Two things:

    1. Who are you calling OLD? Didn't your mother teach you that it's not nice to call ladies OLD??? Sheesh!

    2. What's with all the references to Obama being black? You must be a racist. Get over it. The guy is the president, no matter what color he is, whether you like it or not.


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