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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Evasion - a modern substitute for logic

There seems to be a growing trend among the spinmeisters to never yield a point no matter how much they are nailed by logic and/or facts. I am sure it has always been around to some degree, but at a fevered pitch lately. When one is confident that they will prove their premise in the end, one does not mind yielding a minor point during the dialogue. The strategy on both sides is to win small battles step by step since nobody will admit their premise is wrong right off the bat. So one begins attempting to prove small step 1 in their premise hoping the other side will concede that portion. Having gained a concession, probe deeeper into the premise to gain concessions for steps 1, 2,3, etc. and finally win the argument.

Again, when one is confident in the final outcome they do not mind yielding a point or two. It is great sport to yield a point or two only to drive back and win three or four points with superior reasoning. Many unfortunately come to the discussion with a stern determination to evade yielding any points. They will go to great lengths even to the point of making far-fetched ridiculous claims - looking like a complete fool - merely to avoid yielding a point. The result is that alot of hot air is expelled and no solutions are determined. Welcome to our government officials and their lackeys at work.


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