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Monday, July 25, 2005

Anita Hill reveals her true colors

Anita Hill has come out with criticism of John Roberts, showing that her opposition to Clarence Thomas' nomination was purely political. Of course close observers of hearings already knew that. That was the first time I ever saw people willing to lie under oath for a political agenda. (Note: as both sides took an oath and gave opposing stories, somebody lied under oath and there is a fair amount of evidence that it was Anita)

At the time she was so interested in blocking the appointment of a black man to the court, and now she complains that a white man has been nominated. It is unbeliveable that racism is only called when it is a white person making the statement. Here a black woman is displeased that somebody with a different skin color than hers is nominated. Of course the real issue now is what the issue was then, the perception that a conservative has been selected.


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