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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Schumer on the hunt

If Chuck Schumer has his way, John Roberts would need to recuse himself from future cases. How can an appointee sit before the senate judiciary committee and tell how he would vote on possible cases, without then being in a position where he would have to recuse himself. First, how good of a justice can you be if you decide on rulings before you hear them? At the case opening, would he say, "I already know how I am going to rule on this case, so I'm going golfing while the rest of you listen to the specifics?" That would be ridiculous. Second, how could a justice sit through the case without his Senate testimony replay in his mind? How could he be impartial? He would have to recuse himself due to an inability to be impartial.

If course Chuck Schumer does not want Supreme Court justices to be impartial. He wants them to know how they would rule even before hearing opening arguments. Nor does Schumer want them to adhere to the Constitution. As long as his agenda is past, he doesn't care if they site case law from Zimbabwe in order to do so. I wish just once a conservative judge would site a foreign constitution to rule something like taxes couldn't be more than 5% - then see the liberals squeal as they are stuck with their own dart.

Look for Schumer to make a complete spectacle of himself during this process. I wonder if paper bag sales will go up in New York during these hearings.


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