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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Kerry demands what he was unwilling to do

John Kerry is demanding the release of all documents and memos "in their entirety" of John Roberts when he served as counsel during the Reagan and Bush, Sr. administrations. This is not a reasonable request and he knows it. When the American people needed to see his military records "in their entirety" to be better able to make a decision on him, Kerry stonewalled. It seems hypocritical to make this demand.

Kerry's military records and Robert's records while White House counsel and Silicitor General are apples and oranges. A more apt comparison would be to ask Kerry to release all of his documents, notes and memos from his service on the senate national security committee. This would have been extremely unreasonable as is Kerry's request.

As legal counsel I would expect these documents and memos are confidential and that Roberts would be guilty of an eithical breach if he did release them. It would be like asking Johnny Cochran to release all of his notes from the O.J. Simpson trial.

Kerry knows Roberts cannot release these documents, and is creating a straw man for the Dems to attack upon refusal to comply. The informed voter will see through this ruse and reject it, but I have seen little evidence that the Dems are interested in attracting the informed voter. Their strategy always seems to gravitate around disinformation and misinformation.


  • At 1:34 AM, Blogger gary said…

    So you want to know more about Kerry's war service. Does that mean you are equaly curious about W's war record. One would have to be a very dull boy for nobody to remember serving with you. I would like to know who forged those documents that didn't even reveal any thing new. The republican party is much more adept at dis and or mis information. The whole point about seeing Roberts rulings is to gauge his impartiality. You asked what country has a better future and why? The earth has many fine areas in which to raise a family and prosper. I think whoever makes the most progress on alternative fuels, preserves their land and water and simultaniously takes care of the elderly sick and infirmed will prevail in the new millineum. Don't kid yourself the days of America being the only superpower are over. At our present state of decline China will pass us in less than a generation.

  • At 5:43 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    It's not a crime to be dull. W did sign a full release of his military records before the election. Kerry waited until months after the election and I am not clear on what he signed yet as I have heard conflicting reports. My point still stands that Kerry was hypocritical on his demand.

    I agree that China is the country to keep your eye on militarily and economically.

    I would love to see an alternative to oil. It is nearly suicidal how dependent we are on foreign oil, especially from countries that hate us.


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