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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another media trick: playing stupid

It seems that whenever it will cause problems for a conservative, the media does their homework. They turn over every rock to know laws, customs and facts so they can endlessly talk about it in report after report.

When the lamest of accusations is made against a conservative and a simple cursory glance at the facts will expose it as such - the media suddenlyplays stupid. In the Rove/Plame issue you do not even need to turn over any rocks to find the whole thing is a farse - the facts are lying on the ground in the open.

Three glaring facts show that was no criminal or unethical actions on Rove's part. 1) Plame has not been a covert agent for 9 years, so she was not a covert agent. Translation for the slow ones: you can't "out" a covert agent if they are not covert. 2) A simple view of the law in question shows several steps one must take to break it; and you must do ALL not just one to break it. 3) It has been proven that Plame did recommend Wilson to go to Niger, not Cheney. This is but one of several lies that Wilson has told in this affair, yet the media keeps going back to Wilson to lap up more lies.

It is unclear when the media will ever feel any shame at being a lapdog for the Democrats. Or when they will don paper bags over how obviously poor their work is becoming. They have the constitutional right to be stupid, dishonest and partisan and somehow they are satisfied being shills instead of working at having a respectable career.


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