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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Will conservatives pay a price for the Schaivo case?

Will conservatives pay for attempting to stop the purposeful starvation of Terri Schaivo? If it were not hyped, I don't believe many people would think of their action as any breach of wrongdoing. The only way it will be harmful is if the right type and amount of spin is placed on the story at just the right time. Without political groups telling people how to think, most will see it at worst as politicians erring on the side of life and at best they will see that two separate but equal branches of government acted for or against the taking of Terri's life. There was not one passive and correct branch being usurped by an active and incorrect other branch. Both were active in their efforts to either save or end Terri's life.

But in reality, the 2 biggest lightning rods for this case (Jeb Bush and Bill Frist) are in their final terms due to term limits (by law or self-imposed). The goal of the left is to take the spin against these two and make it stick to the other conservatives.

Though conservatives would rather it just go away, they really need to go on the offensive. Now they need to do their research and prepare for about 6 months before election time and begin to educate the people on what is really going on out there. Stories are beginning to trickle in showing how all over the country - under the radar - the euthanasia crowd is working to take the lives of those who are inconvenient, under the guise they are in terminal or very poor health. It starts with the health issue, but often is a matter of a desire to shirk responsibility in the care of a loved one.

If the people are educated properly, this issue will not only fail to hurt conservatives - it can actually help them.


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