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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hillary - Best defense a strong offense

Hillary Clinton has made two major statements recently regarding the handling of North Korea. First, to criticize the way the Bush administration is handling it. Second, to make a proposal on how to handle the North Korea situation.

The fact that a Democrat is going beyond criticism and suggesting a solution is enough to raise your eyebrows in surprise. So what is going on? I believe Hillary knows that the North Korean debacle is one of the greatest weaknesses of her husband's administration. In a nutshell their deal with N. Korea was payment not to develop nuclear weaponry. We paid, they continued to develop them and are now a threat to our national security.

If Hillary is silent about this, she will get creamed on it during a presidential campaign. She does not have the luxury to distance herself in any way from Bill, so it is not as easy as saying it was his administration. After all, we do remember her statement "We are the president." So her plan is to attempt a few years out to diffuse it by declaring a plan that is identical to Bill's. When questioned on that point, she will claim that their plan did work. Then Bush got in office and botched it up. She may even be gambling on things getting worse in order to underscore that point. She is also gambling on the support of her water carrying media friends and the stupidity of a significant segment of voters to pull it off. Be on the lookout in the next few years for more strategic steps to close some very gaping holes in her viability.


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