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Friday, July 01, 2005

Iranian new president a terrorist?

After an "upset" victory (yeah right) by the hardliner Mahmood Ahmadinejad, we now find that he is likely one of those involved with the hostage taking during the Carter administration. Though, the Iranian governement denies he was involved, the pictures showing the terrorist compared against the new president are very damning. He has very distinctive features that would be hard to mistake. In addition to the pictures, several of the former captives have passionately identified him as the cruel, hateful captor that called them "pigs" and "dogs" years ago.

So what is the world body going to do about this. Iran is a sovereign nation, so there is no authority to intervene in their election process. However, the world body should not overlook their responsibility in denouncing the man and his sordid past. His current direction is also worthy of verbal rejection. The track record of the world body shows they are only interested in criticizing the US while overlooking the cruelty of countries like Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Sudan and others. I predict little or no focus on this issue.

How will the US political parties react? Will the Democrats spend the same time and passion against him as they have on Gitmo and Abu Grahib? Actually the dems should have a real ax to grind against this guy, since they attribute the hostage crisis as the main reason for the downfall of Carter. (as opposed to high taxation, interest rates and unemployment; spineless and foolish negotiations with the USSR; giving away the Panama Canal; boycott of the Olympics; the complete weakening of our armed forces,etc) If the Dems do speak up, it will be the Carter loss (that still stings today) driving it.


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