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Monday, September 19, 2005

Cindy Sheehan a Karl Rove plant?

I have avoided criticizing Cindy Sheehan too much due to the loss of her son. However, the more I see of her the more I suspect she is a Trojan Horse sent by Karl Rove to further take down the left. First, she has a wonderful son and a sensible (soon to be former) husband. Then she had nothing but good things to say about George Bush a year ago. Now she comes out as a 60's flower child, gets a following of both the kooks and many in the mainstream media (I know:redundant). She then gets wackier and wackier. She even comes out against the campaign in Afghanistan. A majority of Democrats support Afghanistan as an unquestioned response to 9-11. Then she got on the global warming band-wagon with Katrina. Then she claimed the national guard was occupying New Orleans and needs to get out.

Today she calls out Hillary Clinton for supporting the war in Iraq. Of course most Democrats know it is a simple ploy for Hillary to garner votes in '08 because she is tough on national security. She doesn't dare be against it for fear some good will come of it and she would be left hanging on the wrong side. So most Dems give her a pass. Cindy challenges her to speak out against Iraq or lose her job. Of course the hard-core kook fringe that controls the Dems are going to support Cindy and cause trouble for Hillary. They certainly cheered that line in her speech.

Karl Rove is the master of the "rope-a-dope". This is basically a trick designed to get people to do something they think is the opposite that you want. Then when they do, you spring the trap already prepared ahead of time. So here is Rove's plan in slow motion:
- Cindy becomes darling of the media by bashing Bush at his home in Crawford
- Cindy gains a following of media, leftist fringe and moderate Dems
- Cindy becomes a household name that is associated with the Dems against Bush
- Once the hook is well set, Cindy evolves into a maniacal kook
- During this evolution, Dems cringe but continue to support her
- When Cindy reaches the end of her evolution all see this mega-loon and in their minds link her to the Dems and main stream media where both take a huge credibility hit as they are all lumped in with the loony leftist fringe.
- From then until Rove is gone, every potential media darling will be heavily scrutinized; unless they don't learn their lesson and he pulls it off again.

Update: Police intervene in a Cindy Sheehan rally because the organizer did not get a permit. I wonder how consistent they are in enforcing this? Regardless, this is an interesting development that may look to some like retribution for her comments against Hillary yesterday. Now you will see a polarization between moderate Dems who want Hillary for president and pure leftist kooks who don't care how many elections are lost. My theory continues to hold some water in spite of it being conspiratorial.


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