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Monday, September 12, 2005

We need to insist on a real memorial for flight 93

Since the outrageous revalation of the selected memorial design for flight 93 there has been quite alot of heated discussion. Many see the obvious similarity between the crescent shape on the design and the Islamic crescent. If the leaders of Islam had across the board denounced the attacks of 9/11 and handed Osama Bin Laden on a silver platter to the US, the similarity would be less innappropriate. Since they dug in their heels on Bin Laden, cheered and danced in the streets without rebuke and claimed the US deserved it , the crescent is an outrageous insult to the victims, their loved ones and our country.

There are many foolish arguments claiming we should not be offended. Here are some:

1) Why are you right-wing neo-cons wasting time on a non-issue? Answer: They just love throwing around the name neo-con whether or not it applies. It is not a non-issue to those of us who see 9/11 as an act of pure evil against innocents, as opposed to those who try to find reasons why the US deserved it. Finally, if it is non-issue then those who have no problem with the proposed design can step aside and allow those of us who do to tank this plan. Any resistance on their part robs them of the right to claim it is a non-issue.

2) Some fools have done comparisons to "crescent-shaped" symbols in our country like the "C" logo of the Christian coalition, or the crescent on the South Carolina state flag. Answer: While they can foolish claim that the definition of a crescent can include a half circle or more, most people think of a crescent as more than a half circle and looking different from the letter "C". The astute person will notice that the words Christian AND Coalition begin with the letter "C" and realize that this reason is much more likely than copying the Islamic crescent (do I really need to point that out - I guess so). The crescent moon shape is very prevalent in American culture, so it is not surprising that it appears on the South Carolina flag (perhaps it came from the common outhouse crescent). It also appeared on the flag long before 9/11. I highly doubt if any South Carolina official would propose using it on the flag AFTER 9/11.

3) Families are quoted as being accepting of the design. Answer: I have seen several news stories claiming a positive reaction by family members to the design. Since the design is not ugly, this is not a surprising fact. However, in none of the news stories I have seen was there any reference that a possible similarity was pointed out to the families and then get a reaction. Also, I have only seen positive comments from a few family members. There are hundreds of family members. I would want to hear from them AFTER pointing out a "possible" similarity.

4) The similarity was not intentional. Answer: Even in the unlikely event that this is true, most people after having such things pointed out to them stop in their tracks and say "oh, maybe we shouldn't risk causing them pain". There are also reports that a similarity was anticipated and that during finalization some on the committee recommended using a word like circle or arc instead of crescent in the name "Crescent of Embrace".

I think a more appropriate memorial would be to have in stone a cross-section of a portion of an airplane with men and women rising from their seats with purpose to storm the cockpit and foil the terrorists. A brass plate under the stonework would say in bold lettering "Let's Roll" with names of the passengers and crew lost that day. A denouncement of the evils of terrorist attacks on the innocent would also be a plus.

Here is some information for to contact the superintendent of the flight 93 memorial:

Phone: (814)443-4557
Fax: (814)443-2180

Just imagine a memorial design for Pearl Harbor that included a picture of a "rising sun". In a land of free speech there are plenty of opportunities to make statements in support of the enemy and in blame of this country. A memorial of these heroic victims is not the appropriate place. Please call or fax these numbers to register your opinion.


  • At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Adam said…

    If the similarity is to subtle that none of the families who looked over the design and approved it seemed to notice and recoil in disgust, then why the big deal?

  • At 5:30 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    As I said, I have only seen a few reports of family members. I don't know how many actually saw the design.

    Also, the goal was not to slip it under their noses and then have them realize after the fact how similar it is to the Islamic crescent. We want the families to make an informed decision. So tell them some have noticed a similarity. Having heard that do you still like it.

    This is a service to the victims and their families, not the artist or any other special interest group. We owe it to them to have this at least pass the smell test, which it does not.


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