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Monday, September 19, 2005

Siemens timing is curious

The timing of German company Siemens announcement of 2400 layoffs is curious. The immediate business day after the election. Germany's economy has been choking under the socialism of Schroeder. Last I heard German unemployment was 12% and climbing. Siemens is a well respected icon in Germany, and I am certain if layoffs announced prior to the election would have driven home the point that a change was needed. Their economy needs the flat tax that Ms. Merkel is proposing to implement, and if Siemens would have announced prior the need would have been underscored. At this point it is not certain which will become chancellor, but if Ms. Merkel squeaks it out it is not likely she would have the backing for the sweeping reforms needed. In fact this election could be a major spike in the coffin of the European Union.


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