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Friday, September 09, 2005

Time to check legalities but no time for planning

Someone has gone through the trouble to take a satellite photo of New Orleans and notate some very useful information. In addition to the now infamous buses, this person shows the location of stocks of food, supplies and water in an unflooded area AND an unflooded route to the Superdome to get those supplies there. When a mandatory evacuation was ordered BEFORE Katrina hit, Mayor Nagin (or some other official) picked up his phone and commissioned some lawyers to research the legality of doing that. At some point while uncertain about evacuating, it was decided to encourage people to go to the Superdome. If there was time to call about legalities, time to decide to send people to the dome AND time to let people know to go to the dome SURELY there was time to locate supplies to send to the dome. The picture shows their location. Doesn't a leader think things through to the end? Apparently not. Later at some point, the Red Cross offered to bring supplies to the dome, but Governor "blocking" Blanco stopped that from happening so as not to encourage more people to go to the dome. Did either of these individuals think this through to the end? No. It is obvious they did not. While FEMA can be criticized for it's performance, if these two had done their job or thought things through almost all would have been either evacuated or better cared for until FEMA could get in gear.


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