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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The more they try to blame, the more foolish they sound

The problem with the liberals is that their utter hatred for Bush completely blinds them from having an objective perspective. They are like a piano that plays one note and they keep banging on that one key over and over again; all the while they are thinking they are sounding credible.

I would be remiss if I claimed that the Bush administration handled this perfectly. There are obviously problems in FEMA that need to be evaluated and addressed. An objective person, however, would begin at the individual level and go outward (city, county, state, then federal) evaluating what preparation plans existed and how they were executed before laying the blame at the feet of one individual.

What was the plan for evacuation and rescue at the local level? What was the plan for policing the area after such a disaster? If people were to stay as is always the case, what preparations and warnings were given to spur individuals to stock up on water and food? It appears that New Orleans and Lousiana were all along planning on leaving it up to the federal government to take over from the first minute after Katrina struck. If that were the case, did they communicate that they were planning to do NOTHING but cry to FEMA for help?

This is not an unsuspected disaster. For decades they have known that the levee needed bolstering to handle a strong hurricane. On the individual level, people both chose to live in and stay in a dangerous place. On the state and local level we have seen there were plenty of buses that could have been used for mass evacuation. There were a high number of deserters on the police force. On the state level, reserves were not mobilized quickly to help and there are plenty of school buses in the entire state that could have been mobilized to use for evacuation. FEMA should have recognized sooner that the lower levels were failing miserably in their efforts and come sooner. A disaster scenario should have been on file for this situation as it was not unlikely. Finally, while Bush does hire administration officials to orgnize and plan, he should have been more attentive even if he would have been accused of being a camera hog.

So there is plenty of blame to go around, but the libs are giving out free passes right and left to anyone but Bush. They just cannot be believed due to their myopic partisanship. The more shrill they get, the more thinking people will turn away. Additionally, as always they only have criticism and no answers. If they think they are going to turn this into votes they are sadly mistaken. Who wants to vote for those who can only criticize and have no solutions of their own?

As a follow up here is a link to a fascinating post from EU Rota showing how the libs are grasping at every straw and scraping every barrel to drudge out blame for Bush but keep striking out.


  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger Conan said…

    Yeah I was listening to MSNBC commenter on how this will destroy Bush and forever he will be linked to two words "New Orleans". Oh give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    I believe the effectiveness of their Bush bash on N-O has peaked. Like I say, the left always overplays their hand. N-O is far from the exception. When the left went shrill on day 1 blaming Bush's rejection of Kyoto, their credibility took a direct hit.

    They gained a brief momentum for 2 days until the facts about state and local blunders surfaced. Now they are just sounding like hysterical loons. Reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein's hysterical "It's alive, It's alive" scene.


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