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Thursday, September 01, 2005

More surprise kudos

Unlike liberals, I will gladly give out kudos to those on the other side when they deserve it. After all when they do something right I want to encourage it. Today's kudos are non-political other than they go to those that many dislike for political reasons: the French. Apparantly, a French company has designed the Poseidon system for swimming pools. The link is to a news story where the system monitoring the swimming pool identified that a little girl had sunk to the bottom and was drowning - sending out an alert to the lifeguard. The girl was able to be saved because of this great technology. I'll treat them to a surrender by surrendering some kudos.

Libs take note on how to find some good in those that you usually see bad in. It is what happens when you wish well for all mankind regardless of whether or not they agree with you. Now go out and find something good to say about Bush. It's very therapeutic.


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