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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NY Times continues downward financial plunge

The NY Times is reporting a drop in profit by 52%. As has been stated previously on this blog, all of the liberal news sources whether newspapers or TV news have put propogating their agenda before making a profit. For years before talk radio and Fox news we heard the response to the charge of liberal bias that instead of bias they were simply reporting what sells. At the time there was not many alternatives to liberal news sources.

Now with alternatives firmly in place people have a choice and are leaving the liberal establishments in droves. So we now see that the liberal reporting was not to "sell papers" but to set an agenda. They are not willing to relinguish that agenda indoctrination in order to save themselves financially. If what they were spewing was true, this might be considered noble. With so many descrepancies between what they are reporting and truth coming to light so frequently it is merely stubborn partisanship.


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