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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two new theories for the leak case

There is a conspiracy theory out there that claims the whole leak thing was staged so that in the process of Dick Cheney resigning over it, Condi Rice would be nominated as VP. This would then stage her nicely for 2008. While the outcome might be nice, I have a hard time believing any would go to that length for this move. Cheney could simply have resigned for health reasons and accomplished the same thing.

The second theory I have is regarding the huge speculation craze seen on the left with very little being stated on the right about it. As stated previously to believe that it is known before the announcement that there will be indictments, would necessitate the prosecuter leaking the information in an investigation about a leak. What I believe we are seeing is a staged and coordinated effort on the left to establish a presumption of guilt before the announcements are made. If indictments are made, it would set the stage to maximize the damage. If no indictments are made, it would be easier to suggest that the prosecutor fixed the case so there would be no indictments. In other words, they are not only extremely corrupt but they are also getting away with it. I would maintain they do not know and are creating the speculation from whole cloth.


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