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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Twas the night before Fitzgerald

We have endured weeks of non-news speculation and that may end Wednesday. To listen to most news sources, there are more leaks in investigation than the original leaks. If that is the case, will Fitzgerald be able to announce the indictments with a straight face? There are many interesting points surrounding this.

Considering the targets of a possible indictment received letters at least 48 hours in advance, the
White House should know by now if any are targeted. Judging from what little is coming out of the White House, I think it is possible the indictments are either non-existent of do not involve Cheney, Rove or Libby. I would think a signal of some sort would occur to try to take the sting out of the announcement rather than let the media build up to this fevered pitch and having the hammer strike at full force. Perhaps they may not have had any legal options to do otherwise. If pre-empting an announcement was an option, then I suspect the White House is allowing the media to go into full stride only to have a disappointing announcement.

Of course, with only days before the Grand Jury expires, there is only a little time left for indictments to take place. When the point was made in the Delay case that grand juries almost always go with the prosecutor, the left poo-pooed it. If they were right and grand juries do think for themselves, it would be quite interesting if this one refused to indict even if Fitzgerald made the attempt.

In recent days, with the media spreading rumors of indictments and pumping the scandal, Fitzgerald has become almost heroic in the left's eyes. Could it be that the media really has nothing BUT are simply conspiring to embarrass Fitzgerald into pressing for indictments? If he does not indict, you will see him go from hero to schmuck in 60 seconds or less.
It will be an interesting day.


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