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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Obama bolsters Logic Lifeline theory

The junior senator from my home state of Illinois bolsters my theory by demanding a troop reduction in Iraq. My theory is that the Dems see that troops starting to come home next year will derail their investment in the 'Iraq quagmire' exaggeration for the '06 elections. In order to minimize the damage, Dems must act in a deceitful way in order to take partial or full credit for troops coming home.

We are now seeing a story by Howard Fineman that shows the whole Rep. Murtha antic was pre-planned in some Democrat dark smoke filled room. Fineman in his Newsweek article states:

'Which was precisely what the Democratic leadership wanted Murtha to do. A close ally, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, was anxious to open a second axis of attack on Iraq—and was aware of his growing antagonism toward the war. The two met and agreed that he would make his case in private to the party conference. After that, on his own, he would introduce a resolution calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq "at the earliest practicable date." Pelosi and the other liberals would keep their distance, while their own Marine charged up the Hill. Framed by long rows of American flags at a press conference, he denounced the Iraq war as a "flawed policy wrapped in an illusion." '
Now having skipped a slight beat with the GOP calling their bluff, Obama is next in line to come from behind the curtain and address the audience. Obama takes the standard approach of announcing a strategy as if he made it up himself, which happens to be the strategy that Bush has been announcing the entire time. Hoping the people will not be able to put their finger on just where they have heard it before, Obama states:

"The strategic goals should be to allow for a limited drawdown of U.S. troops, coupled with a shift to a more effective counter-insurgency strategy that puts the Iraqi security forces in the lead and intensifies our efforts to train Iraqi forces."
Of course when Bush says it, the media snickers behind their hands but when Obama says it they hang on his every word. The call to intensify efforts comes after seeing successful joint efforts between the US and Iraqi troops. Then in addition to this deception, Obama flat out lies by "criticized the Bush administration for questioning the patriotism of people who have spoken out against the war". Now the article does not quote Obama, so it could be the author AP reporter Anna Johnson that is doing the lying. Nobody in the Bush administration has ever, much less recently questioned anyone's patriotism. Johnson alludes to administration comments about Murtha. Sorry, but the administration respectfully disagreed with Murtha and Cheney called him a "patriot". Either Obama or Johnson is willfully trying to combine comments about those lying about pre-war intelligence and those wanting to pull out of Iraq.

The Dems are going to attempt to steal credit for troops coming home. George Bush is almost always a gentleman, even to the point of foolishness. One clear example is calling on Bill Clinton to work with his father in two areas where he could get fantastic press: the tsunami and Katrina. I have this sinking feeling that after having venom spewed at him day after day that as troops begin to come home Bush will call up key Dems to the 'platform' to enjoy some of the credit.


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