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Saturday, December 03, 2005

An employment rate contrast between US and Canada

The American Thinker is pointing out that in a Yahoo's Canada version there is a story proclaiming the latest Canadian umemployment rate of 6.4% is the best in 31 years. While the US media yawns at a 5% rate in the US, Yahoo - Canada is nearly bursting out of the story with quotes like:

"Christmas shoppers will likely be buoyed by the strong employment figures, which were spread fairly evenly across regions of the country and across most sectors."
"All that is good news for Prime Minister Paul Martin, who has based the Liberal party's federal election platform on what he calls his government's sound management of the strong Canadian economy."
With the Liberal party in serious corruption trouble, the liberal media must give them a boost here and there to keep out the evil concervative party from Canada. It was bad enough when they let Fox News squeeze in. However, I must credit the story with printing the truth about where the Canadian gravy train comes from: a strong US economy stating:
"Continued health in the U.S. economy is vital to Canada's prospects since its voracious appetite keeps this country's export sector buzzing."
The fact is the US economy is a driving force in the world economy. You would think foreign governments around the world would be more outspoken against the US media for their never ending quest to drive down consumer confidence even when good news is reported. However, like most liberals, they likely think it worth trashing their own financial interests to get in a good Bush bashing.


  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    You never hear people that sing the praises of a socialist state, cite this kind of data. In fact, they minimize it or ignore it altogether. What works in Canada, France, or other socialists countries cannot work here. At least not if we are to maintain our standard of living and the committments we have in the world.


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