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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Bosnia hypocrisy coming to the forefront

Two blogs I frequent have written on Bosnia lately and I think I have seen some attention given to Bosnia in other places lately. The Political Yen/Yang and In the Middle of America have both drawn attention to the seemingly forgotten conflict. As we are reminded of Bosnia, we begin to see they hypocrisy of the Dems and the media regarding Iraq. G, the host of Middle of America puts it so well:

"Bosnia: A decade after the war to form a government = success

Iraq: 2 years after the war to form a government = failure and need to immediately pull out?"

LA Sunsett of the Political Yen/Yang points out the possibility of it becoming "another powder keg region " given certain circumstances. The media has been keeping very quiet during the last few years about Bosnia. It will be interesting to see people's eyes open as that region comes back to the foreground.


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