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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The power of the oversimplified soundbyte

Remember during Clinton's impeachment and beyond how liberals took Clinton's perjury, the law breaking basis for the impeachment, and reduced it to the simple soundbyte that the GOP wanted to impeach Clinton for sex. Such a simple thing to reroute the real issue into something that many Americans could relate to and view the GOP as witch-hunting for political gain. The power of that oversimplified soundbyte was very successful in making Clinton look like a victim and the GOP look like bullies.

Imagine as this spying, eavesdropping and now radiation monitoring can be boiled down to the oversimplified soundbyte that the Democrats want to impeach Bush for doing all he could to protect the American people. What power. What a complete blowup in the Democrats face. The Democrats had better watch their step in this little endeavor, or they will see this attack turn into a uniting force around Bush that will be the deathstroke for the Democratic party.

The Democrats are already highly perceived as being weak on national security. It is fast becoming axiomatic. If they go for Bush's jugular on this non-issue, while at the same time giving the egregious national security leakers and the treasonous national security printers at the New York Times a pass, their doom is sealed. They will be revealed as power hungry people who's only goal is to get rid of a political opponent. Their actions have thus far appear that they have cheered the US economic demise, they have cheered US defeat in Iraq and they now appear to be cheering on terrorist attacks in the US as long as Bush goes.

I think 2006 will be the most interesting year in US politics ever. I am looking forward to seeing events unfold. May truth and right prevail.


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