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Saturday, March 18, 2006

David Gregory enjoy your 15 minutes of fame

David Gregory is enjoying a few minutes of fame by being an obnoxious buffoon. Some have compared him to Sam Donaldson during the Reagan years. There are two differences: 1) While Sam Donaldson did not fully give the president deserved respect, his direct and probing questions were at least relavent and more intellectual. Donaldson may have been obnoxious, but he was not a buffoon. Gregory's intellect seems to be on the same par as most Hollywood actors. Sam Donaldson and Brit Hume are way out of his league. 2) When Donaldson was at his zenith, liberalism had a complete stranglehold on the media. With talk radio and the internet, it is easy to show what a chump David Gregory is by using his own words.

Newsbusters is showing that David Gregory questioned Scott McClellan about Operation Swarmer implying that it was a political stunt to bolster Bush's approval numbers. To which McClellan answered:
"I can't accept the premise of your question because this was a decision made by our commanders. And it's important that the commanders have the flexibility to make these type of tactical decisions in order to prevail."
If that was not embarrassing enough, Gregory then asks if Bush is going to get "new blood" in his staff. When Mcclellan stated that he had gone through this in detail the previous day, Gregory claimed he was not there and asked to be filled in. This is like being absent from school and asking the teacher next day to reteach the lesson in spite of the fact all of the other students were there. There is such a complete oblivion with these people on how ridiculous they appear. McClellan takes him to the wood shed by telling him to go read the transcripts.

As a side point, isn't it interesting that Reagan and Bush '41 had their Sam Donaldson and Bush has his Gregory. Who did Clinton have to ask the tough and obnoxious questions?

David Gregory should enjoy his few minutes of fame. Each time he opens his mouth he reveals what a fool he is, and I predict the ride will soon be over.


  • At 8:27 PM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    He wants to be another Dan Rather. And if you take the path of Dan Rather, you end up where Dan Rather is now. Embarassed with what little bit of journalistic integrity he ever had, gone. (And off the air.)

    His moment will come, sooner than Dan's too.

  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    What a role model to follow :(


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