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Friday, March 24, 2006

OK my money is on masterful planning

I posted a few weeks ago on the question of whether Bush's polling was part of a masterful plan or that he had no clue. I stated at the time that when conservatives panic they always move left either in their speech, actions or both. Through weeks of the lowest polling numbers Bush has actually moved right, at least in his speaking. This tells me he is not panicking. In fact we have several indicators to tell us this is under control. Moving to the right like I mentioned, zero shakeup in his cabinet in spite of tremendous pressure and the confidence exhibited during press conferences with McClellan and Bush (and interviews with Dick Cheney).

Remember in Ocean's 12 when Toulour was so confident he had won agains Ocean? He was cocky and full of himself. Then in the face of sureness on the part of Danny and Tess Ocean, he begins to doubt, then crack and then realize that Ocean was assisted by LeMarc and that he had actually won - stealing the real very valuable egg. It reminds me of Dems a few months back cockily claiming they did not need a message or agenda to win big in the next elections. Recently, both the Dems and their media partners are beginning to crack.

Several recent turns of events are giving them pause (and probably heartburn). First, the documents cache recently released and being translated that are showing strong signs that Bush was right about Iraq (about WMD and the Iraq-Al Qaeda links). Second, the very public denounciation of the media's job of covering the good in Iraq along with the bad. Third, the recent great economic news in the job market, manufacturing and growing venture capital even in places like California. What they are seeing is a very real possibility of the entire foundation for hatred of Bush that they have carefully built in danger of crumbling.

While I wish Bush would defend his policies more often, this may also be planned. The liberals rejoice when the polls drop so low, then Bush starts communicating to the people and the numbers rise. It is similar to arm wrestling with your little boy. You relax your arm almost totally and the boy begins to push the arm over. At the last minute, you apply a little pressure and push back to the middle. You do this several times (grunting for effect) and then finally push the child's arm over to win. That is my prediction for this November.


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