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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Freedom to offend until it is my religion

As we saw with the recent cartoon flap, it is just fine to down and be offensive to any other religion, but when somebody makes a cartoon about yours, it is suddenly worth killing over. Now we see Hollywood in the same boat. In recent years they have been taken over by the religion of scientology. All of the time the chronically offensive show South Park has taken offensive shots at every other religion. Now that their pet religion is in their sights, suddenly freedom of speech and censorship is seen in a different light. I would say shame on Hollywood, but they are a habitual shame. Now they are shown once again to be hypocrites.


  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Joe Smoe: American Citizen said…

    No Isaac Hayes is the only one that is offended and quit. He was cool with the show until it hit home. As this part of a CBS article says:

    South Park" co-creator Matt Stone responded sharply in an interview with The Associated Press Monday, saying, "This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology... He has no problem — and he's cashed plenty of checks — with our show making fun of Christians."

    Isaac Hayes and the CULT that is scientology are the ones being Hypocrites.

    America is about Free and unfettered discourse and Ideas. So if they want to do a piece on South Park about Scientology or Christianity or FOX NEWS wants to do a piece with half truths flattering the Bush Admin. or if the Nazis want to march down the Middle of Skokie, Il it is permissible under the Constitution.

  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger Joe Smoe: American Citizen said…

    Also, I saw last night that Tom Cruise was refusing to promote a movie until the studios eliminated that episode of South Park, the studio quickly folded and pulled it.

    Hey, I have read about Scientology and have heard Cruise spout his stuff and from what I've heard this stuff is a cult at best. That’s cool..this is America. But, if these guys want to work on or support projects that slam other Religions they should expect the same otherwise they are nothing, but Hypocrites.


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