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Friday, March 24, 2006

News stories continue to deceive about global warming

Did you ever notice how in just about every news story that mentions the company Halliburton, that they make sure they stick in the name Dick Cheney as former CEO? This is one of the crowning jewels of "agenda jounalism". It adds nothing to the story since Cheney has not been at the helm of the company for over 5 years now, yet faithfully they add it again and again. The reason I bring that up is to show how the journalist operates and to show how when an important piece of information is left out again and again we are seeing the same mindset: "my agenda is supreme".

We have known for some time now that the sun is having a warming affect overall, not just on earth due to greenhouse gases. I posted a story some time back with this link showing how the ice caps on Mars were "melting" due to recent warming. There is also this story from the Telegraph showing clearly that the most recent studies indicate that recent warming trends are due to the sun.

With enough information in their pocket to show that any global warming happening is most likely due to the sun and not some man-made "greenhouse" journalists could at least once in a while remind us of the sun factor in their global warming stories. The Reuters story I linked to states:
"If we decide to keep on the track we're on now and just keep on warming, because of greenhouse gas pollution, then we could easily cook those ice sheets more rapidly," Overpeck said.
In the same story there is no mention of the sun, only 'greenhouse gas pollution'. So to underscore my point and highlight it in bold: The same media that continuously spews out the unrelated information of Dick Cheney and Halliburton continuously refuses to refer to a highly related point about the sun's complicity in multi-planet warming trends. The indisputable conclusion: agenda journalism.

So what is the agenda? There are several key areas. First, to make the current administration look bad and irresponsible. Second, to pave the way for the platform of the next presidential election to be heavily based on the global warming issue. The basic premise is that the Dems have absolutely zero chance at making much headway in the national security issue, mostly due to the very strong kook base they are straddled with. So the next best thing is "oneupmanship". Where conservatives have stated other items don't matter if you are dead due to unanswered terrorism, the liberals will paint the picture that we will all be dead if global warming is not addressed. (Oh, and it can only be addressed by economy crippling measures that everybody promises but only the US is expected to keep). In all likelihood Al Gore will be running for president again in '08. Gore has recently proclaimed we have 10 years before global warming becomes irreversible and destroys us. Somehow before that time they have to prime the masses so that Gore does not come across as the kook that he really is.

In conclusion I would like to highlight a favorite website of mine that I have linked to before: It is absolutely chock full of good information showning the nutty and agenda side of the global warming issue. Their slogan is "All the junk that's fit to debunk". Check it out.


  • At 8:34 AM, Anonymous r2w said…

    Don't forget to mention the fact that warming and cooling cycles are perfectly natural phenomena in our earth's history, not at all caused by any human interaction with the environment. In fact, we have irrefutable proof of massive global warming on a much greater scale than we have now - how else did the "ice age" end?

  • At 8:58 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    brilliant point r2w. thanks for commenting.


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