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Thursday, June 29, 2006

No summer political lull

Usually after Memorial Day there is a political lull. People enjoy their summer and forget about politics for awhile. Magically, after Labor Day politics roars back to life. Not this summer. Of course the overriding reason we would all agree on is the upcoming November elections. They could be the most critical mid-term elections since 1994 when power shifted from the Dems to the GOP. In many ways they are more exciting in the run up. In 1994 nobody thought it would really happen as it did. This year it is viewed not only as possible, but the Dems and the media seem to paint it as a foregone conclusion.

There are a spectrum of idea about what should happen this fall. Some think the Dems should win it. Some think the GOP should keep it. Some wish neither would get it. The strongest feelings seem to come from who shouldn't win it, while at the same time having a weak position on who should. In many ways I fall into that category. The Dems have exhibited over and over again that they cannot be trusted with power. They will use it to weaken and harm America. The last two Democrat presidents have left the military weaker than they found it leaving the following GOP president holding the bag to rebuild it. This is not a presidential election, but it involves power nonetheless. The Dems have shown they have no resolve to address terror head on. Either that or they are putting politics first since it is a GOP leading us to war. Both are just as bad. The Dems also are willing to throw our economy under the bus for the sake of junk science. The Dems want to encourage the free flow of illegal immigrants (aka future Dem voters). The Dems have not learned yet that it is their policies that have lead to $3 per gallon gas by limiting our drilling options and our refining capacity. I doubt if many rank and file Dems are happy about their party being hijaacked by the fringe left, too.

The GOP performance has been less than stellar. They will hardly defend themselves when things get a little hot. They run to the nearest liberal position like a baby takes comfort in sucking their thumb. When they do want to vote on something worthwhile they seem to never want a clear and bold debate on the subject. They put forth a weak argument and hope they can twist enough arms to pass it. This is not statesmanship or leadership. The laughable claim that the GOP is on the extreme right makes you hope you aren't taking a drink when you hear it. The GOP today is to the left of JFK. That is sad.

So while I am quite opposed to the Dems regaining power, I am hardly animated to pull for the GOP. So it is the feelings against that are driving this lively summer political mood. I predicted that this would be a very exciting political year. There are very few dull moments. The nailbiting has begun. The GOP wakes every day hoping for good news and the Dems wake every day fearing good news. I think it very unlikely that the Dems will take more than a few seats in the House and maybe net 1 in the Senate. So for all the broohaha it will likely be more status quo than anything. Just the right set of circumstances, though, could net the GOP a few gains. What fun that would be to see the left meltdown over that one. Me, I can take a political loss this year. The Dems would blow it by '08 anyway. They simply cannot win based on ideas. It must always be by deception and spin.


  • At 2:44 PM, Blogger Joe Smoe: American Citizen said…

    They simply cannot win based on ideas. It must always be by deception and spin.

    Hey it's like the old saying goes"IF YOU CAN'T BEAT 'EM JOIN 'EM" ie the GOP has used this kind of KARL ROVE tactics and they would be stupid to do otherwise.The GOP and Bush have proven these same tactics of SMEAR, TEAR DOWN and Change the subject work very well on the intellectually challenged of the Red States.

    As far as Ideas all you need to do is look and see that all the IDeas that have been paraded by these Bozos ie the GOP have been WRONG or a LIE.

  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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