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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katrina lunacy will be with us a very long time

Something fundamentally snapped in the American psyche during the Katrina aftermath in New Orleans. With help from a major push from a willing accomplice in the media, many Americans bought into the notion that it is government's responsibility to swoop in and rescue seemingly comatose individuals from every danger under the sun. Depending on the agenda of the moment, will determine exactly which level of government is most responsible during these times. If it is to bash Bush, then the Federal government is targeted. If it some other gimme scheme, then it may be more local.

Katrina put irrational fear into all levels of government to such a degree that we are now seeing stories like Ernesto funds. Now everytime a rain cloud passes over during hurricane season, millions will be spent to avoid the tar and feathering sure to come if not really, really ready. Some counties in South Florida according to this Palm Beach Post story are asking for federal dollars in reimbursement for preparing for a hurricane that never happened.

Counties that combined to spend millions of dollars preparing for a wallop from Ernesto that never happened are banding together to ask state officials to flex their muscles getting the federal government to pay for their troubles.

Tony Carper, emergency management director for Broward County, sent e-mails Thursday to emergency directors in Collier, Miami-Dade, Martin and other counties that prepared for Tropical Storm Ernesto, asking them to send letters to Gov. Jeb Bush and their legislative delegation.

This is the way it is going to be for a good while. No level of government will hesitate to spend a bunch of money preparing for every little storm. Whether or not any serious catastrophe occurs, they will apply to the feds for money. This will start adding up to some serious money before long. My guess is that if the Dems ever get back in power, then some will begin to ask if maybe we have gone overboard after Katrina.

I am sure some will view me as cold for this post. Nothing could be further from the truth. There should be planning for assistance at all levels of government starting with the local first responders. Likewise, as always people should be ready all over the country to help on a private level to assist in need. The underlying fact, however, is that America needs to milk the masses from thinking "Government first" and American governments need to refrain from going overboard whenever a dark cloud is seen in the horizon.


  • At 7:52 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    How does South Florida expect to get the federal money? Do they want President Bush to declare them a disaster area? Based on what "disaster"?

    This attitude is so ridiculous. The Democrats and their MSM mouthpieces use Katrina as a battering ram against President Bush for his "failure" to prepare and then to act promptly enough. Then when Ernesto threatens, they're caught by their own Katrina-rhetoric, having to prepare for the worst lest they themselves get blamed this time. Then, when the threat doesn't materialize, they expect to be reimbursed for their expenses by the very same President they beat up on last year.

    What nerve! What chutzpah!

    Great post.

  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Thanks, and your summary captures things very neatly.

    There is a computer game I used to play called Half-life. It had a weapon that was actually a laser triggered bomb. You would stick it against the wall in a heavy traffic area in such a way that they did not see it until the last second. Then boom if they trigger the laser.

    The problem is that if you set a lot of them and you are running around trying to stay alive and get others, you would often forget where you put all of them and accidentally blow yourself up.

    When I think of all of these traps that the Dems have been laying around day after day after day, I think how fun it is when they get snagged (or in game terms fragged) by their own trap.

    This is one of those moments.

  • At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Hurricane Katrina Survivor said…

    While I do not think the American government should step in every time there is a rain cloud what happened with Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as the worst natural disaster in America.

    Bush made promises to the people in the Gulf Coast that hasn’t appeared and FEMA while they helped some individuals, many are still suffering after people relocated from what was once their home.

    Many got mad at the federal government because promises where not kept, even a year after the hurricane occurred even for cities like New Orleans much looks like it did right after the Hurricane.

    While the levee has been replaced, the Corp of Engineer’s do not feel if another hurricane with level 5 happened again, it may not hold.

    There is improvement in mail service and in some areas water and electric for example, but the day to day living for many people still affected by hurricane Katrina are living like the hurricane just happened yesterday.

    Hurricane’s like Katrina caused a lot of fear in people even those that did not go through the hurricane itself, so I think many are coming up with different funding out of their fear, which fear shouldn’t rule ones life. But in this fear, because so many people where displaced and the conditions from American News reports of what actually happened to the survivor’s; will cause a lot of uneasiness of the fact they do not wish a repeat performance.


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