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Saturday, May 12, 2007

September Will Determine Fate of Iraq and 2008 Election

President Bush is poised to make some concessions on benchmarks in order to obtain funding for Iraq until September. There are several points to observe with this seeming change in position. First, it will apply a lot more pressure on the Dems to actually provide the funding. The Dems have been dancing for months now with activity that is solely targeted at appeasing the anti-war crowd that put them back in power. Of course, there will never be enough appeasement until they see the troops coming home and Iraq falling into a slaughterhouse without the US there to stop it. I guess the anti-war crowd thinks war is bad but butchery is fine.

Second, unless there is a drastic improvement in Iraq by September support for staying in Iraq will crumble. The Dems and the Media have been hammering away at the resolve of the American people since we first entered Iraq and it is becoming obvious that too many are throwing in the towel. Too many want to leave Iraq, even if it is the right thing to stay. The attention span of half the nation evaporated early in the conflict. The remaining half wants their celebrity worship and entertainment addiction unsullied by constant news from Iraq.

It is obvious that President Bush has held the benchmark card in his hand until it was absolutely necessary. If the September report in Iraq does not show irrefutable evidence (even for the reality deniers) that the troop surge is working, it does not matter.

Both sides are drawing a line for September. Each side will be promoting their side of the propaganda war. The Dems will be setting up September to do what they cannot do now: force a pullout in Iraq without OWNING the massacre that will surely follow. Without OWNING the terrorist state that will be formed there and bring terrorism to the doorstep of the US. September gives the Dems and their water carrying media enough time to brainwash people into uncoupling that nasty concept of ownership.

Bush on the other hand seems optimistic that the surge will produce clear and undeniable results in Iraq by September. Such a report in September will be a shot in the arm for the effort and produce a political change with a return by many back to a supporting decision.

The September report will determine the fate of Iraq. If positive, it will grant the reprieve necessary to finish the job there. If negative or not positive enough, support will be irrevocably pronounced dead. Without the US to stop it, the slaughter of many innocents will occur. Whichever radical faction that comes out on top will certainly support terrorist activities that will hit our shores. They will be able to act with impunity knowing that the US will never choose to go back into Iraq.

The September report will also decide the political winds that will blow to the 2008 election. A positive result will bode well for the GOP (if they will have the spine to align themselves with it). A defeat in Iraq will increase the fortunes of the Dems. Does anybody wonder which outcome the Dems are hoping for?

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