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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Media Attention Deficit to Turn on Dems

The MSM has for years been participating in the dumbing down of America and training them to have the attention spans of toddlers in toy shops. Politically, the Bill Clinton machine leveraged this by mastering the sound bite in its communication. Now there are many sheeple out there that cannot handle too much information. This will soon bite the Dems strategy in Iraq.

For years now their message has been that Iraq is a hopeless cause. After their November victory they demanded troop withdrawal and began their funding antics to try to get Bush to pull out of Iraq and saddle him with the disastrous consequences that would happen. To everyone's shock, the lame duck announced a new strategy of adding more troops under new leadership and a new strategy. After conceding to Bush's request for funds to support the ongoing effort and the surge, the Dems immediately began a PR campaign undermining the surge. Before the surge was even in place the Dems were there at every new insurgent attack to say "See! It's not working!".

The sheer volume and intensity of the Dems claims of utter failure have done several things. First, their position has been clearly "branded" in the public forum. Without massive cover from the MSM (that is sure to be provided) there is no chance of backing away from the clear stance of failure they took. The insightful have seen the Dems pictured as those who put their fingers in their ears and say "La la la la la la la. I'm not listening to any reports of progress. La la la la la." To those less insightful their position of failure is clear.

Second, they have really lowered expectations with their clenched teeth posturing. Any progress at all will be perceived positively. After all Americans want to be winners. They may not all agree with policy, but unless they have a stake in losing most want to avoid the stigma of loss. With the bar so lowered, a report of significant progress will have a more intense positive response.

Third, the clear stance of the Dems will underline the fact that they were wrong in their predictions when progress is announced. It is like a Market Analyst predicting a market crash and then the market goes up 2000 points in a few months. The investors will take that Analysts predictions with a grain of salt next time or change the channel to another one.

Finally, the Dems have no choice but to change their message. Many are now trying to save face by admitting some progress with the surge. However, they are quick to add a "but...." clause afterward. "The surge may be working but the political landscape is still horrible". This is their new strategy. However, thanks to the trained Media Attention Deficit response most will only hear that the surge is working.

It is amazing how often the left digs a hole for a trap only to find themselves falling into it. It is equally amazing how poorly the right manages to capitalize on it. The clear self-branding of the Dems as utter incompetent fools does little for the GOP if they also are perceived as fools. Many of them did not have the political courage to support the surge. Too many GOP listen to the MSM to tell them why they lose elections. Too many GOP have the courage to clearly brand themselves like the Dems have done so they can capitalize when they are right. Only fools like Lindsay Graham and Chuck Hagel take a brand - and a wrong one at that.

As for Media Attention Deficit, this country will only make real progress when many are cured and take the time to pay attention to details. Most do not really know facts - only soundbites and slogans. When the uninformed vote, this Congress is what we get.

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  • At 11:52 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    I'm in the Pacific Northwest, natural habitat of Lefty Loon protesters, and they've learned the MAD lesson well. They always have the same signs (Impeach Bush, or Give Peace a Chance) with variations. The MSM must be so proud of what they've accomplished here.

    Excellent post!

  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    Yeah, the stupidest MAD slogan I saw recently was where I was on vacation last week. There was a sign that said "War is not the answer".

    The intellectual midget who thinks that war is never the answer to anything very likely suffers both from MAD and too many killed brain cells from taking drugs in college.

    Quick! An army from another country has just arrived on your shores to conquer and occupy you. What is the solution?

    Uuuughh. "Give Peace a Chance"?


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