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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sign of Hand Overplay Coming

You can always count on the left to overplay their hand and shoot themselves in the foot. Whether out of cockiness or desperation they choose to launch out into waters too deep for their cause. The interview between Merideth Vieira and Afghan President Hamid Karzai may be a sign of things to come. She calls Afghanistan "The Forgotten War" and asks "What went wrong". She is taken aback when Karzai declares we won that war. You can read excerpts from the interview here.

One of the major premises I have written here is that when there is a worthy cause, you stick with it regardless of challenges and setbacks. When we fought against the madman Hitler in WWII, the number of casualties and setbacks never caused the Allies to think of giving up. The cause was worthy, and we were willing to do what it took to remove this threat from the world.

I have written before on the inconsistency of the left between Iraq and Afghanistan. We have had casualties and setbacks in both arenas. Until now, the left has skirted the subject of Afghanistan. Getting back to my premise of a worthy cause, I think the left realizes that the worthiness of the cause in Afghanistan is a much easier sell than Iraq. So they are willing to portrait defeat in Iraq, but have been mum on Afghanistan.

Vieira now shows signs of the left chomping at the bit to launch a tirade against the effort in Afghanistan like they have done in Iraq. They are either drunk on the wave they perceive they have ridden with Iraq or the recent anti-war debacle with the Petraeus report has made them nervous. Whatever their reason, such a move will be fatal. The American spirit that demanded action in Afghanistan for those complicit in the attacks on September 11th may be dormant, but it lies just below the surface waiting to be revived. An attack against the war in Afghanistan would be a true revelation of the colors of the hard left, and those colors are not red, white and blue.

The worthiness of invading Iraq will be up for debate for many years to come. However, the worthiness of staying in Iraq to stabilize the country and prevent a certain massacre if we left prematurely should be clear. The worthiness of responding to September 11th in Afghanistan is so clear that any effort to undermine it will suffer well deserved consequences. It may be that Vieira has simply placed her toe in the water here. If this is a sign the left is willing to pursue this course, look for yet another shining example of the left overplaying their hand. They are quite good at it.

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