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Monday, September 22, 2008

Barack Obama's Gutter Tactics

The media has painted Barack Obama as above the fray running a clean and ethical campaign. This same media has attempted to paint the McCain campaign as the lowest, nastiest smear machine in election history. They jumped on McCain for allegedly lying about the nature of a sex education bill that Obama supported. The point of McCain's ad was to show that Obama has accomplished very little and that his support of this bill that actually failed was one of the few things that Obama could put on his political resume. When reading the bill in it's entirety, it obviously opens the door for very young kids being exposed to things they are not ready for. While it does claim it should be "age appropriate", who decides that? Just how do you make information on how to avoid STDs age appropriate for a kindergartender?

After plastering McCain for his "attack ads" as a below the belt SOB, the media has turned a blind eye to Obama's gutter tactics. While there have been a few stories on it (mostly media blogs), nobody has asked Obama about his ad that totally distorts parodies by Rush Limbaugh to whip up anger among hospanics. Nobody seems to be concerned about an outright "whopper" being told by Obama about McCain and Social Security in a desperate attempt to scare senior citizens in Florida.

While Obama continues to enjoy free MSM passes, there is a new report that underscores Obama's nasty Chicago political machine mentality. First, taking a trip down memory lane it is good to remember that Obama won his Illinois State Senate seat by "throwing all of his opponents off the ballot on technicalities". This political jujitsu move "Obama disqualified all four opponents -- including the incumbent state senator, Alice Palmer, and three minor candidates" according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now the Jawa Report shows that Obama is bringing his Chicago experiences to the national stage. Apparently some of the smears against Sarah Palin have been the work of a professional PR firm that has links to the Obama campaign. According to Jawa:
  • Evidence suggests that a YouTube video with false claims about Palin was uploaded and promoted by members of a professional PR firm.
  • The family that runs the PR firm has extensive ties to the Democratic Party, the netroots, and are staunch Obama supporters.
  • Evidence suggests that the firm engaged in a concerted effort to distribute the video in such a way that it would appear to have gone viral on its own. Yet this effort took place on company time.
  • Evidence suggests that these distribution efforts included actions by at least one employee of the firm who is unconnected with the family running the company.
  • The voice-over artist used in this supposedly amateur video is a professional.
  • This same voice-over artist has worked extensively with David Axelrod's firm, which has a history of engaging in phony grassroots efforts, otherwise known as "astroturfing."
  • David Axelrod is Barack Obama's chief media strategist.
  • The same voice-over artist has worked directly for the Barack Obama campaign.
While many may choose to claim a high standard of proof and deny this report (while retaining a wagon rut low standard of proof when it comes to accusations against Palin), apparently the owner of the mentioned videos takes this report seriously. In an update on this report Jawa notes:

[UPDATE: Within 1 hour of posting, "eswinner" has removed all videos from YouTube and began removing any traces of his activities. But we have the video and all relevant websites backed up.

If "eswinner" isn't Ethan Winner of the Publicis Groupe, then why did "eswinner" yank the video so quickly? Or if this was just an innocent homemade ad, then what does he have to hide? You'd think he'd want more attention for it.

The MSM can continue to highlight everything it can to put McCain in a bad light, don't expect to hear anything about this. Obama has a Season Free Pass with the MSM. Whether Obama wins or loses, the MSM has much to account for in this campaign. I am sure they are putting all their chips into Obama now because a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine could allow them to skirt accountability of their shameless behavior. In the meantime, it is up to the New Media to expose Obama and his shameful Chicago style politics to strongarm his way into the White House.

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  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Wow! Great post.

  • At 9:06 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Somehow Obama's astroturfing has not gained as much media traction as accusations of Sarah Palin wanting to ban books.

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Yes, the book banning! I think we should elect Sarah Palin, because she's psychic. She tried to ban Harry Potter even before J. K. Rowling wrote it! What a woman!


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