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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did the McCain Campaign Watch Karate Kid II?

As I have been watching the events unfold the last few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that somebody in the McCain camp has seen the movie "Karate Kid II". Ok, ok, the series was hoaky, campy, sappy, etc. but I admit I loved watching them when I was younger (and still do from time to time). The second movie ended with a fight between the "Daniel-son" and a more experienced but less honorable fighter. Just when all seemed lost, the town observers whip out their drum toys to convey to Daniel the secret of karate. The drum toy as pictured has two beads to strike the drum. When you move it back and forth the beads alternately strike one side of the drum and then the other. Daniel takes the clue and commences to strike his opponent alternately on each side of his face without giving him a break. He has no chance between blows to recover and finally falls.

Like the drum, alternate blows are being landed on Obama every day. The McCain camp is using the media's bias against itself and Obama. In one way or another McCain is getting the media to play and replay his messages. They often are doing this in an attempt to make McCain look bad, negative and mean; but the message gets played multiple times and it sinks in to the viewers.

One difference between the pictured drum and the campaigns is that there is at least one extra bead on the drum. That bead is the floundering Obama Campaign. They seem to be striking blows against themself almost as many times as the McCain campaign does:

- They leap before looking to pounce on Sarah Palin's inexperience only to have left their soft underbelly exposed to Obama's lesser experience.
- They allude to Palin's lack of accomplishment, only to again underscore Obama's lackluster career.
- They act like they are taking the high road and accuse McCain of gutter politics; then they send an attack team of 30 to Alaska to dig up dirt on Palin
- Obama exposes himself with the Lipstick on a Pig line. Normally an ok line to use, but with Palin's Lipstick on a Pit Bull reference, the correlation is too obvious. One of two problems here. Obama thought he could get away with such a low connotation (like he thought when he gave Hillary Clinton the finger while pretending to scratch his nose) OR he innocently used the line but when his audience immediately linked it to Palin (by their obvious reaction) he was too stupid to realize the gaffe and immediately correct the audience. Nasty or stupid: take your pick.
- Getting desparate the Obama camp scours Mother Jones, Daily Kos and Huffington Post for ideas. They come up with the "bright idea" to focus on John McCain's lack of using email and put out an ad about it. We are then reminded that due to John McCains POW injuries, it is too painful for him to use a keyboard. Power Line has the embedded ad AND a March 2004 reference to the fact that "McCain's severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes".

The Obama Campaign is in total disarray. Power Line points out that McCain has pulled even with Obama in Minnesota. Gateway Pundit points out that Obama is sliding in "Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia". They also point out that the Dems are afraid of the racism factor ..... from fellow DEMs. I personally know this to be true. My wife and I have heard from multiple Democrat associates that although they are Democrat, they can't see themselves pulling the lever for "a black guy" (yes, they have their embarrassing members too).

I continue to remember that the winds can change the other direction just as quickly as they changed in this direction. The media is working overtime to accomplish that (when they aren't being manipulated by the McCain strategy). In the meantime, it is not only gratifying to see that people are still capable of rational thought; it is so darn fun to watch the Libs go berserk. Olive Oyl and I are having a great time reading all the articles and watching the videos together. We can't wait each day to see the new blow to Obama from the drum toy.

One final point: If Obama is so susceptible to the toy drum style of attack in a campaign, is this a sign of how our enemies can work to put Obama into the fetal position if he ever assumes office? Scary thought.

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  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Your point about racist Dems is a good one. A friend of mine said her mother has never voted for a Republican in her life, but this year mom can't bring herself to vote for the Democrat because he's a black guy. So she's going to vote for McCain.


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