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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did You Really Think Through That, Union Thug?

United Auto Worker Union President Ron Gettelfinger underscores why I view most unions to be run by non-thinking thugs. In his eagerness to get a microphone and to attack John McCain, Gettelfinger spews out some nonsense that obviously was not thought through for two seconds. His statements according to CNN:

"The last thing we need is a presidential candidate who undermines autoworkers, and these days it seems that John McCain is doing just exactly that," he said. "When he's in the Midwest, he tells voters he supports the industry, when he is in other states he brags about buying a foreign car, as he did with the Prius." (It is not clear if McCain or his daughter bought the Prius)

Gettelfinger also pointed to comments McCain made in an interview with Detroit TV station WXYZ, saying, "I've bought American literally all my life and I'm proud."

"That's really a nice campaign line," Gettelfinger said of the comments. "But it turns out that John McCain wasn't being straight with the people of Detroit, or the state of Michigan, or our country as a matter of effect," adding later, "The American auto industry and the American voters deserve a president who will be straight with them.”

The McCains have 13 cars in their family fleet. Two of those are foreign made (Honda / Volkswagon). There is also a Lexus and Prius that are driven by Cindy and McCain's daughter, but are not registered to them. That leaves 11 American made cars in the fleet. Somehow Gettelfinger considers purchasing 11 American cars as an act that "undermines autoworkers". Apparently Gettelfinger is quite satisfied with Obama's contribution of 1 and only car because it is a Ford. Only in a liberal union thug mentality could one claim that even though McCain has put 11 times the dollar amount into the American auto industry as Obama, he is "undermining" it.

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  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Malott said…

    Maybe the union thug should also consider McCain's willingness to drill for oil... Something that would help the American Auto Industry.


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