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Monday, May 16, 2005

World View - don't bet on it

We hear alot about the importance of having a "world view". There are two kinds of countries: those who don't claim to have a world view and those who claim to have a world view yet do not. Just look at the "icons" we are asked to look to - France has a France view, Germany has a Germany view. You can add Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria and down the line of countries that put their interests above the world's interest. When you look at aid and concessions to the world community the USA is probably the country with the largest world view out there - yet it is the most bashed for not having this view. This tells us that what they really mean by world view is to yield the sovereignty of your country to the world body. It is striking that the only country being asked (directly or indirectly) to yield sovereignty is the US. What is more striking is the number of people in this country willing to go along with such an absurd demand.


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