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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bill Frist only a little pregnant

If Bill Frist did not pull a complete flip-flop, he at the very least has compromised on principle. In politics compromise to some degree is required all the time. He wants to spend 1 Billion, and I think 3/4 Billion is sufficient. If neither side will give then a compromise of 7/8 Billion might need to be settled in order to move forward. However, on matters of principle such as the funding of embryonic stem cell research there is little room for compromise. Bush was able to compromise without breaking on principle because the stem cell lines already existed. Anything that encourages the further creation of lines that do not already exist is a compromise on principle. Frist wants to say a little bit wrong is ok, but that is like saying you are a little pregnant. Some things are clearly right or wrong.

Again and again key GOP leaders think that approaching an issue from the standpoint of weakness and/or compromise will yield better political results. Frist may get a few slaps on the back from the left, but in the end he decreased his chances at '08 by slapping the GOP base in the face. Most Americans may be "moderate" but not most voters. Most are moderate because they are uninformed and do not care one way or the other. Look at the reaction of Hillary's base with recent "moderate" statements. They scream about it, but they won't go away because they know she does not mean it. Those Frist had the slightest prayer of support will go away, because they know he does mean it and will be a weak leader if elected.


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