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Friday, July 29, 2005

We just want to get to the truth, right?

When certain groups espouse some cause that is for the good of mankind, one would think that getting to the truth would be beneficial in expediting a solution. It is often the case that when a doubter of the "cause" simply wants to fully investigate the claims and evidence of the 'advocate', it is met with resistence.

There is an interesting article on about Congressman Joe Barton, R (Texas) doing his own investigating of the findings and surrounding information of Dr. Mann of the University of Virginia who by studying the growth rings of a single tree claims to have evidence of global warming showing a spike in temperatures during the last century. This limited study has been used as 'proof' in the demand for the Kyoto Protocol.

The simple request for the computer code behind the study and the sources of the studies funding, has the global warming crowd in a dither. If one is on the side of truth, they will gladly provide all the evidence they have to show their position to be true. The resistence they have given does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling they are interested in the truth. In fact it supports the speculation that the global warming issue is an issue some have ridden to power on. Supporters see the global warming issue as a chance to weaken the US through an agreement like Kyoto knowing that the other signers would not keep it, but the US would. (think SALT and SALT II treaties)

Dr. Mann has finally agreed to release the computer code. If it is a true release, we will likely see the output hardcoded to "Evidence of global warming".

Here is the link:,2933,163999,00.html


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