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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why Arlen Specter?

The good news is that there will likely be Senate hearings on the Able Danger revelations. The bad news is that according to what I am seeing in this report it may be Arlen Specter heading up the hearings. Arlen Specter is on the Judiciary Committee (as we all sadly know), so why is he the one leading this charge? Only 2 possibilities here. He was asked to do it. If he was asked to do it, who asked him and why? If he volunteered, again I ask why would he do that. There are three areas that leave me to determine he is not the best man for the job:
  • Arlen Specter is a liberal leaning RINO that has often let us down when you really need him. So I am not filled with confidence that he will follow this to the fullest extent it needs to be, especially if it might hurt a liberal he is friends with
  • He is going to be very busy on the Judiciary committee with the Roberts confirmation hearings. One will certainly distract the other. While I may want him distracted from the Roberts hearings, the person leading the Able Danger hearings should be able to focus 100%
  • Arlen has health problems that might prevent him from a tenacious performance.
So with questions of principle, distraction and health Specter needs to be ruled out. Hopefully, he is merely a catalyst for starting this up and a pit bull like Norm Coleman will lead the hearings.


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