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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Science or Faith?

While scientists have ridiculed people of faith for some time now, it is my contention that the scientific community often relies too heavily on what they believe instead of going through the scientific method to arrive at an unbiased conclusion. There is an article in the NY Times that reports of a scientist resigning from a panel of scientists researching global warming. He resigned because the other panel members were so locked into their "faith" that global warming exists they could even consider the possibility it does not exist. While I do not have the link, I recall a story last week about a someone working for a museum losing his job because he gave a favorable opinion of an article on Intelligent Design. Scientists have long let their bias on the theory of evolution block get in the way of a true attempt to discover facts. Their faith in Darwin's theory influences every thing they do.

It is like a murder investigation where the chief detective is convinced a certain individual committed the crime. If a junior detective might express a contradictory opinion, he is fired or ejected from the case. How many innocent people are now being freed by DNA evidence after serving 10-20 years because the investigation was a foregone conclusion?

If the scientists are going to use faith instead of science to "prove" their claims they should stop ridiculing others for doing the same.


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